[TR] Questionable TR6 for sale

Brian Kemp bk13 at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 26 21:36:37 MST 2020

I'd recommend calling the Oregon DMV.  Tell them you are looking at 
buying the car and give them the plate.  They should be able to confirm 
the plate is ok and when it was last registered.


On 1/26/2020 5:26 PM, Wbeech at flash.net wrote:
> Just answered an ad for a ‘74 Blue TR6 at a very reasonable price, even though it has been gutted to just the body and drivetrain.
> No title or VIN given and Oregon Plate 789 ESG, has a “6” sticker so thinking it was registered to either ‘06 or ‘16.   Anyone know if a missing car that might fit this?
> Bill
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