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This pressure plate looks more like a TR4 plate with multiple fingers, not a three finger TR3.   I have a couple things to try before I open it up, but I’m afraid that’s where I’m headed.  


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I purchased a TR3 a few years ago with a freshly rebuilt motor.
Whoever put that motor together overtightened the 4 bolts holding the flywheel to the crankshaft.  They broke.
Flywheel came off the back of the motor and destroyed the transmission case in spectacular fashion.  I’m lucky to have escaped injury.
Those Morgan clutch pressure plates have 3 “fingers” on them that the throwout bearing presses against.  I believe it is the same as an Austin Healey 100 clutch – I’ve seen a few Morgans and AH’s that had one or more of the fingers missing, which would throw things out of balance – they are held in place with a pretty fragile spring.
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Not quite a TR but an older Morgan with the TR3A motor and Moss gearbox.  I have a vibration that I can feel all the time but really is strong at the 2500-3000rpm range.  With the clutch in it is still there, when driving it is worse.  Drive shaft is straight and balanced, makes no difference with the wheels removed.  Have pulled the front pulley and put a gauge on the crank end, no wobble.  Engine mounts are tight.
Prior to installation I ran the motor without a driveline extensively just in the chassis and all was good, is it possible for a clutch plate to be off-balance so much as to cause a noticeable vibration?
Just fishing for any suggestions before I pull the motor and recheck the flywheel/clutch assembly.
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