[TR] TR2 master cylinder

Brian Thomas thomasb at queensu.ca
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Apple has done Lockheed master cylinders for me for both the TR2 and TR3.

With one, I had them do the complete job, re-sleeve and new kits.  The other just a re-sleeve.  Very satisfied with both.  Buying your own kits and cleaning up components, re-sleeve is likely a better deal.  Note they don't supply bellows with the rebuild (instead MGA style "cups" over openings).   Also the rings that hold the bellows (two sizes) are NLA.  I sourced suitable rings and would up buying "many" so extras are available should you need them.

If strict originality is not an issue, an MGA style reproduction is readily available for just over $100.  Look is similar but not exact.


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I have no idea whether the master cylinder on my TR2 is good or not.  Anyone out there have any suggestions on someone / some business who could look at it and rebuild it if necessary?

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, Michigan
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