[TR] be glad you have a triumph

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jan 6 16:55:22 MST 2020

> It looks like some of us who have a Triumph, also have an off 
> road vehicle.

Guilty as charged, tho not quite what you meant :)

BTW, the clutch is under that round cover; pry the cover off then undo six
nuts and the whole clutch comes off in your hands.  You can reline it in an
afternoon, using just hand tools (not even a jack is required).  No clutch
slave at all; the clutch is operated by that big lever sticking up next to
the steering wheel.

I do hope to have it restored some day; but it's been slow going.  Can't
complain about parts availability, though.  Even though it was built in
1949, the dealer had a carb kit, batteries and an oil filter on the shelf.

-- Randall
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