[TR] Chicago Brit car swap meet

Ted Schumacher tedtsimx at bright.net
Sat Feb 22 10:33:26 MST 2020

It's 10 degrees outside, the sun has been seen and only a few weeks to 
the Chicago British car swap meet (http://www.britishcarswap.info/).  If 
you've never gone, it's worthwhile. We will be in our usual spot in the 
2nd building (bldg #4 I believe), first 4 spaces in the center aisle 
next to registration when you enter. Will have new parts - gear 
reduction starters, steelbraid brake, clutch and oil hoses, suspension 
goodies and more. Used parts including UK carb sets, MG & TR AMCO bumper 
guards & luggage racks, boot & tonneau covers and more. Regalia - pins, 
patches,posters, 3' x 5' flags (British, checkered, MG,Lotus, Jaguar, 
Aston Martin, Mini), T.shirts and more. If you need us to bring 
something large such as engines, transmissions, differentials, body 
panels, please let us know. Free shipping is good. Thanks for your time. 
See you there. Ted

Ted Schumacher
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