[TR] Tr3 and TR4 Gearbox part numbers and interchange

jpaynepbr at cox.net jpaynepbr at cox.net
Wed Feb 12 17:09:46 MST 2020

Does anybody have a link or guide to X-Ref. Triumph TR2-6 gearboxes for part
numbers and interchange?


Had mangled TR6 gearbox come into the shop last year and have 4 broken TR3
gearboxes (one with a very low TS number +/- 7000) the other 3 with numbers
ranging from TS40000 to TS 59000, and a finally a TR4 Gearbox with a CT


The TR4 box and the Low TS number box are both overdrive.


All the boxes are pretty well mangled and incomplete, but I reckon between
the 6 of them, I may be able to get both of the Overdrive boxes and maybe
one of the other ones in working order.  


I know the basic obvious differences between them, but am curious as to what
parts are interchangeable between them and which ones aren't, particularly
as it relates to the gears, sliding hubs, mainshafts and shifter mechanisms.









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