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Hey all....? invites going out to any spit/GT6er's out there.... 
Carlisle Imports how in May

Even if you're only coming up for the main Saterday show field, list the 
NA Spit Squadron as

your club and come join us on the field! Any spits/GT6's are welcome to 
join our growing display!




*January Club Leader Update*

*_Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals ? May 15-17 _*

Dear Club Leader,

Hopefully you are staying warm and enjoyed the holidays!? Before you 
know it we will once again be in car show season.? Here at Carlisle 
Events, we are getting ready for what will hopefully be another great 
event and we have some exciting stuff for you to share with your club.? 
We also have some new clubs to welcome since the last club leader update.

*_Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals Supports Driven to Cure in 

As you may have seen right before the holidays, we are working with 
Driven to Cure to organize a memorial show within our show for its 
founder, Andrew Lee. Driven to Cure will have a display in Building Y 
and a dedicated Showfield near the pavilion for their show within our 
own show.? Find out more in the following link: 


*_2020 Displays Announced:_*

We will be hosting a number of displays, anniversaries, and reunions 
this year.? They are as follows:

  * 100 Years of Mazda in Building T
  * 50 Years of BBS in Building T
  * 50 Years of the Nissan Z / Datsun Z in Building T
  * The Annual Race Paddock in the Pavilion
  * Renault of Canada and Cars of Robert Opron (Citroens & Renaults) in
    Building R

Applications are now being accepted through Early March.? Those who wish 
to apply can do so on www.CarlisleFeatures.com 

*_2020 Club Planning Packets and Tent Forms Now Available Online!_*

To avoid club tent forms from ending up in Spam Folders, we have now 
released them to be downloaded from the following links:

For Clubs that Met the 25 Car Requirement for a Free Tent Last Year 
please use this form:



For Clubs that did not hit the 25 Car Requirement and new clubs, please 
use this form for the $180 Tent Rental:



If you?re unsure if your club hit 25 Cars in 2019, please feel free to 
reach out to me and we can look at your registrations.

*_2020 Import and Performance Nationals Flyers Available!_*

If you and/or your club would like a box of Carlisle Import and 
Performance Nationals flyers sent to you, please reply to this email 
with your mailing address and count needed.? These are not only great 
for keeping your members in the loop on your attendance at the show 
during club meetings but also for goody bag inserts for your club?s show 
or upcoming meet!? We have a couple thousand in stock right now so feel 
free to reach out.

*_New Track Activity Coming Soon!_*

Thanks to many survey responses over the off-season, 2020 will see new 
track activities and you don?t have to have a racecar to compete!? Keep 
an eye on our social media feeds and our website for the coming release!

*_We want to connect with your Club?s Facebook Pages and Events!_*

There is no denying Facebook has become a medium that many of you and 
your members use to communicate on daily basis.? We want to connect our 
page with your club and your club?s Event Page for the Import and 
Performance Nationals.? Our social media team is looking to connect so 
your club has the latest info and can answer questions quickly for you.? 
If you have a club Facebook Page or Group, please share it with 
Clubs at CarlisleEvents.com <mailto:Clubs at CarlisleEvents.com> so we can 
include you in this program.? This includes your Carlisle Import and 
Performance Nationals Facebook events that many of you have already setup!

In closing and as always, if you have any questions comments or 
concerns, my door is always open.? Feel free to reach out via email or 
phone as well as stop in if you are in the area.? We are here to make 
sure your club has the best time possible at our event!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in May!!



*Ed Buczeskie*| /Event Manager/

Email: EdB at CarlisleEvents.com <mailto:edb at carlisleevents.com>

Office: *717-243-7855 x131*

Fax: *717-243-0255*

1000 Bryn Mawr Road, Carlisle PA 17013

*CarlisleEvents.com <http://www.carlisleevents.com/>*| 
*CarlisleAuctions.com <http://www.carlisleauctions.com/>*


Event Schedule <http://www.carlisleevents.com/pdf/Event-Schedule.pdf> | 
<https://www.youtube.com/user/CarProDotCom/videos>| Event Photos 

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