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Quick and easy reference is the beginning pages of the Moss catalogue.


Yes, begins with “TS” ends with “L”(LHD) or “LO”(overdrive)


The engine number is too far ahead of the commission number, typically the engine numbers run 300-600 ahead of the engine blocks to account to engines pulled out for other purposes, i.e. replacements or sales to other car builders such as Morgan or Swallow.  Engine numbers begin with “TS” and end with “E”(probably what is listed as a “5” on you registration).


>From what you have written I would say you have a TR3A, commission number TS45337L, with a later engine and a TR3 nose, they readily interchange.  


Not going to win any Triumph concours competitions but still a fine looking fun driver that will turn heads.




1958 TR3A TS30800L with TR4A Engine CT67072E


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Friend is looking at a small mouth TR3.  However, I don't think things are lining up right with numbers.


Registered as a 59 too late right?


Car number TS45337L (registrations starts with "T5" I meant to take a picture of the VIN plate but guess I didn't, should be TS right?"


Body Number EB20549


Engine Number: TS660715 (or last  "S")


I don't have a lot of information on watch matches what, but Vin seems later than a small mouth.


Thanks, Greg



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