[TR] Free Spitfire Mk III FDU8866L) BMIHT Certificate

John Macartney John.Macartney at Ukpips.org.uk
Sat Feb 1 03:25:49 MST 2020

Whether it’s FDU or not? If my memory serves correctly, in August 67 we were building the mk3 Spitfire for Canada and the US to meet the newly introduced safety and emission specs effective 1 Jan 1968. Consequently, the NA spec commission number became FDU while other markets stayed with FD. Greatly doubt the BMIHT Cert is wrong as they use original microfilmed production tallies and copies of the original shipping invoice.


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> On 31 Jan 2020, at 22:35, Kevin Beam <kmbeam at comcast.net> wrote:
> The certificate reads in part:
> 2. Car/Chassis Number FDU/8866-L (After a little research, I believe it should be FD/8866-L, but I am NOT an expert.)
> 3. Engine Number FE/8926-E
> 4. Body Number 8739
> 6. Colour a) exterior Conifer
>                  b) trim Black
>                  c) hood (top) Black
> 7. Date of Build 1 August 1967
> 9. Destination (Dealer) Mid West Triumph Distributors, Chicago
> 14. (Certificate) Date of Issue 30th April 2004 (Which is suddenly a loonnngggg time ago.)
> I reordered the certificate, received the correct certificate, and forgot if I paid for the second or not.  (Oxford, am I a comma momma?)
> Our car’s commission number is FDU8xxxxL
> Damson, Black, Black
> Built in 1970
> Best
> --
> Kevin
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