[TR] TR4 axle problem, continued

dave dave at ranteer.com
Tue Dec 29 18:51:56 MST 2020

It is relatively easy to get an undamaged axle out of its vertical link, and
relatively easy to get to all that.  Remove a few bolts, add a few whacks
with a good sized hammer and it falls to the garage floor.


Note the attached picture - see the end of the axle?  There is supposed to
be about another (threaded) inch or so.


However, when you trash the axle (as in break it) that is a little harder.
A lot harder.  Even my 30 year old son did not have the hammer slinging
talent to break it free.


I was at a loss as to what to do when Tony Drews
(https://www.tonydrews.com/) who sold me the replacement axles, suggested I
use a "smokey wrench."  That's a euphemism for applying heat.  So I pulled
out my handy propane torch (every garage should have one) and went to work
burning off grease, etc.  Then I did my best imitation of my son, and after
a few good whacks it dropped to the garage floor.  Thank you Tony!!!


So now I'm on to installing those new axles in my very old TR4!

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