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My 71 TR6 came with both advance and retard module with a cap on the advance module.  I switched to some carbs from a 74-76 car which had the port for the EGR valve and hooked up the advance.  The difference was noticeable.  

About all I've done to the engine was head work.  Shaved the head for about 9.25:1 CR.  Runs on mid-grade fuel.  Stock cam so it runs out of steam at about 4,000 RPM.  But lots of torque.

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Recently bought a customers '71 TR6. He had added some (so called 
performance items) headers, lrg dia exhaust, poly bushings, and tube 
shocks after I'd rebuilt the engine with a "fast road cam". He 
subsequently fell in love with a 410 420? Jag sedan and having never 
rebuilt the TR's carbs was unhappy with the car...and needed money for 
his jag purchase..  I rebuilt the carbs and that made it a decent 
driver, but the distributor was holding the engine back..sooo, I drilled 
out the distributor to accept the adjustable vacuum advance unit from a 
MG dist.. (25D). I now get 33 degrees total at 8 degrees initial. Added 
some real life to the engine.. What have others done? Pertronix and 123 
distributors notwithstanding.. daveP

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