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… or in the bottom of the ashtray.




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I made a bracket that mounts to the two screws that attaches the stabilizing strut to the bottom of the dash.  I have two ports under there, one switched and one powered all the time.  Easily accessed yet still not in the way.


Another idea is mount it IN the glove box.  This way you can leave your phone on charge all within your locked glove box and out of sight.





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Hi Alex, 

Here is another mounting option. O’Reilly’s sells a USB receptacle that comes with a mounting bracket tha allows you to mount it to the bottom of your cardboard glove box 

. It is pretty unobtrusive but still completely accessible and it was only about $15.00 as I remember. That way you don’t have to screw around with your switch plinth. If you are interested, I can send you a picture. I just wired it into the switched 12 bolts.

Dave Connitt

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Some models had the ignition switch located on the plinth.  US standards dictated the use of the steering lock as an anti-theft device freeing up that fifth position.  Feel free to mount your power port there if you have no plans of changing back to the plinth mounted ignition switch.  





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Hello All…firstly…Happy Holidays to all…….


Quick question on a 1972 TR6 switch plinth……


The 1969 plinth has five holes…the 1970 and on have 4 holes with a space between 2 & 4 switch. 


My question is I am looking to install a USB charging port on my 1972. It appears there is adequate space dead center on the plinth between the switches where this USB port can go. Does anyone know if the 5th hole is still there whereupon Triumph used the same plinth but avoided using the center hole. It would be nice to just “punch out” the existing hole spot if it is still there as opposed to having to drill a hole about 1” in diameter to accommodate the USB switch.


Any help or advised welcomed……


Alex Manzo



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