[TR] Prestige Autowood?

Jeff Nathanson jeffn at msystech.com
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I bought a beautiful dash from Randy last March (Yes, I know, not lately). He made mine special so that the finger pull for the glove compartment fits perfectly. I did hear from Matt Bakes from Triumph Rescue in Pennsylvania ,several months ago, that Randy was trying to sell Matt some dashes. Matt’s number is: 610-845-8217, if you want to follow up.

And yes, Randy sure is quite the artist, and we’ll miss his perfection if he’s no longer around. He was also great to chat with on the phone.


Jeff N.

’72 TR6


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Has anyone been in touch with Randy Keller at Prestige lately? I can’t get their website to load and someone else called them and the number was “not in service”.


Hate to see a quality shop like this close up.





Bob Danielson
TR6 Interior Panels, Boot Covers and Fender Blankets


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