[TR] 1980 TR8 1300 orig miles lost but found

Jim Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 17:21:18 MST 2019

Last week I asked to see if anyone knew the whereabouts of a 1980 TR8 with
1300 orig miles.  It was owned along with a 1981 that I bought by a person
who lost both to a big collector car storage facility fire in Pittsburg this
past spring.  The insurance company totaled most cars in the building
including his two TR8s and 5 other cars he owned.  The facility had 300
cars.  Google collector car storage fire pittsburg.    The funny thing is
that the two 8s have minimal damage.  Both 8s went up for sale in September
at an insurance auction in Pittsburg.  I bought the Oct build 81 (18k orig
miles) from a fellow who bought it to flip it.  Someone from New York bought
the 80 and now its for sale on ebay.  See link. Ends in 4 days.


Here's the situation.  I have found the previous owner of both cars and he
wants to get the original documentation on the cars to the new owners.  He
gave me the 81 info.  He still has the info documenting this low mileage
original including manuals, copy of origi depositi check, invoice, tools,
etc.  This is a legit 1300 mile car.  Woody worked on the 81 for him that I
bought.  If you know someone who wants a good one that needs a little TLC
here it is.  I and the previous owner would love to get the documentation on
this car to the new owner.  I don't know the seller, most likely a flipper.

Jim Henningsen 
Ocala FL

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