[TR] Looking to fi d new TR8 owner

James Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 17:30:43 MST 2019

Sad story.  Massive warehouse fire at collector car storage facility in Pittsburg in May.  Friend of mine had two mint TR8s in there.  Insurance totaled them and 6 other of his cars.  Turns out the two eights only had minor spot damage on exterior of car.  They cleaned up perfectly.  I bought one.  Other was sold at insurance auction by IAA in Pittsburg In sep.  the 1980 silver TR8 I am told was bought by someone fro New York maybe Rochester.   It has 900 original miles and was In a collection.  The owner has all th e original documentation on the car and we are trying to get it to new owner.  I will get vin soon.  But if someone says they got new 900 miles silver TR8 from an insurance auction.  Please have them contact me.  Woody is aware too.   
Jim Henningsen 

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