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First of all, never get too focused on fuel circuits that you ignore the 
ignition circuit. Both have the same symptoms. That said, it wouldn't 
hurt to look at your fuel pressure at idle. if the flow is too low at 
idle the float chamber may not stay full. Had that problem with my 
current reground cam. The fuel pump lobe only partially moved the pump 
leaver giving me almost zero fuel pressure at idle. An electric fuel 
pump was cheaper than replacing an otherwise good cam and cured my off 
idle hesitation problem plus smoothed out my idle.  It also wouldn't 
hurt to check your spark in case of a weak coil.

900 RPM seems like a very high idle. Why do you have it set so high? 
Might be a clue.

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On 11/17/19 6:09 AM, Jim Henningsen wrote:
> Good morning,
> My 61 TR3A is coughing a bit and I need some help diagnosing.  Healthy motor, stock dizzy, points, red rotor.  I replaced the seals on the jet bearings and went through the procedure to balance and set mixture.  Idles nicely at 900 rpm, choke works well.  Once warmed up though, it has a bad hesitation when I push the gas pedal down a third of the way from idle.  It coughs and if I don’t pump the throttle will stall.  Very consistent.  The mixture adjusting nuts are turned down 10 flats.  It does run smoother without hesitating with choke on which makes me think it is still not rich enough.
> Any thoughts would be much appreciated while I drink my coffee and try to keep warm in the frigid south.  50 degrees this am in Florida.
> Jim Henningsen
> Ocala, FL
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