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Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Fri Nov 8 15:55:15 MST 2019

Jim:  I can't answer your question of whether the frames are standard, but
when I was restoring my TR4 I had no seats - but I did have a set of nice
TR250 seats.  They dropped right in and are a great ride.

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, Michigan

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I have a set of either 4 or 4a or 250 seats that I want to use in my early
4.  The TR3 early 4 seats sit me up too high and are bouncey as all can be.
The late4 /4a seats with rubber diaphragm much more comfortable and sit
lower in car.  Are there any differences in the seat frame from the late 4 /
4a /250 seats?  I know the upholstery is different.  I'd like to install 4a
seat foam and upholstery but want to make sure the frames are standard.  
Jim Henningsen
61 TR3A
62 TR4
75 TR6
81 TR8 one of the last built in October before shutdown is on its way to my

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