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How does changing the "O" to a "0" on the paper title, match the "O"  on the riveted metal plate still on the car itself? How is it legal to have a title with a VIN that does not match the VIN on the vehicle's riveted metal plate?

Randall Reihing

1960 TR3A

1959 TR3A

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My California TR6 title also ends L0 - L zero.  I told them it should be an Oh for Overdrive, but they said I couldn't have an Oh and I was wrong.  Not worth having an argument with the DMV.  The insurance company was fine with whatever the title said.


On 11/6/2019 1:13 PM, Andrew Uprichard wrote:

I just went to get a title on a TR which came with a factory overdrive.  The old title appropriately ended “LO”, but I was told that “Os” and “Is” are no longer acceptable in titles.  So I had to change the VIN (on the title) to “L0”.  Then I had to call the insurance company to explain the same story to them and have them send me a proof of insurance with “L0”.

Anyone else come across this?  Maybe it has been going on for years:  I have 4 cars with overdrive, but this was the first factory one.

Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, MI

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