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 The later cars (eg TR6) used a right-angle drive that directs the speedometer cable up over the top of the transmission and the non-OD cable is plenty long for this application.  When they relocated the parking brake to the drive shaft tunnel they eliminated the passage for the straight cable and the right-angle drive fits (tightly) inside the transmission cover.  The drive looks like this:


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The overdrive cables are 90 inches or so, as they come off the rear of the overdrive and take a circuitous route under the passenger floor and in front of the battery to the speedometer.  I 'd be interested to know how you managed to get a non-OD cable to reach the speedometer in an overdrive car!

Andrew Uprichard

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So I had ordered a new speedometer cable for my TR4A from Moss and it’s about 30 inches too long! I have a a-type overdrive and double checked the catalog part number which is what I have. In checking my old cable, it is the non-overdrive piece. What’s the deal?
Dave Connitt 
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