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I read the reply and my first response was, "don't you want the water to
pick up more heat in the engine so it can shed it in the radiator?" Then I
thought some more, I think the point is higher flow gives you closer to
equilibrium, rather than hotter water in the engine and cooler in the
radiator, and since the engine is the hot spot the closer you can get to
equilibrium on the temp the better??

Greg Lemon
TR250 (which has always run between the little dots in the middle of the
gauge once warmed up, so my interest is purely acedemic)

On Sun, Jul 28, 2019, 6:35 PM dave <dave at ranteer.com> wrote:

> In the last few weeks there was some discussion about the new vs old water
> pumps.  Someone postulated that the newer water pumps move water faster
> through the radiator, which results in less cooling and a hotter engine.  I
> asked my nephew, a mechanical engineer who is also a car person, about
> this.  here is his reply:
> I think the point of confusion is the notion that increasing flow rate is
> a bad thing. I get the basic thought of it spending less time in the
> radiator but it's one of those things that sounds correct without having
> any real science to back it up. One of the rules of thermodynamics is that
> flow rate and heat transfer are directly proportional. If you increase flow
> rate and all other things remain constant then you will reduce temperature.
> For your specific use case, you're improving the efficiency of cooling
> because the fluid is moving more quickly through the engine. It's better to
> keep fluid at as low of a temperature as possible and moving it very
> quickly means that each molecule is exposed to the heat for less time. When
> it gets to the radiator there isn't as much heat to be removed so spending
> less time in the radiator becomes a moot point.
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