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The 185HR15 will be quite a bit taller than the 185/65.

The number after the slash “65” when present, indicates the ratio of sidewall height to tread width, in percent.  So for 185/65, the sidewall is only 65% as tall as the tread is wide, meaning roughly 120mm high.

When the second number is not present, the ratio is usually in the region of 80%, meaning the 185HR would be around 144mm high.  Almost an inch taller (ride height) than the 185/65.

All very approximate, and can vary somewhat from tire maker to tire maker or even tire model to tire model.

In case you’re wondering, the ‘H’ is a speed rating, meaning the tire should be able to sustain speeds of 130 mph (when loaded within the limits given elsewhere on the tire).  ‘R’ indicates radial tire construction.


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What…if any … is the difference of 185HR-15  … and 185/65/15…??

Thanks, not trying to start a war…😉

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