[TR] Spitfire and GT6

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Wed Jul 24 18:26:32 MDT 2019

Hi Frank, as far as how similar the cars are, they are really not.  Although they look similar and the GT6 just looks like a fastback couple version of the Spitfire, its anything but.  Very few parts the same although some interior stuff is, but all kinds of small differences even there.  Biggest differences of course are engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes.  Fully independent rear suspension on the MkIII GT6.  Most of the bodywork is different as well with both large and small differences, although they look similar.

The biggest difference, though, if you are setting up classes, are numbers.  Many Spitfires out there, very common and some very nice ones.  GT6s are much more uncommon.  If they were combined in the same class, would a GT6 ever win, just due to sheer numbers of Spitfires?

My 2 cents.

Good luck with your show.

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