[TR] Electric Fuel Pump Recommendations

Jim Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
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Thanks for the note. The price is so cheap on those pumps on amazon, I could
have three in the spare kit.  Where did you run your hot lead to the pump?
My other 3 has a elec pump (8016S) mounted on the driver inner fender.
Previous owner did that.  Im not a big fan of the look but it hooked up to
the coil and a ground on the body easily.  

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I actually bought a pair of the cheap Chinese pumps.  One on the Land Rover
and the other on previous TR3.  Still keep one in the drawer for emergency.
Have never had one fail.   The ones I bought are the cylinder style and are
relatively quiet.

Most folks here like the Facet pump, have that too on a Willys-Overland
Jeepster but it would be too loud on a TR3.

Location on a TR3: I mounted on onto the plate that holds the Armstrong
lever shock, just changed the bolt out for a longer one.  This puts it
completely out of the way and directly in line with the existing system
under the tank.

I have heard good and bad about the possibility of leaving the old pump 'in
situ' and running the fuel line through it so it looks natural.  Pro is that
it looks good; Con is, so I have heard, if the seals fail on the old AC pump
you will get petrol running into the oil.

Hope this helps,

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Am thinking my stock fuel pump issue maybe cam lobe wear and/or fuel pump
lever issue.  Decided to add an electric low pressure fuel pump instead of
using stock one to fix my fuel issue.  Lots of cheap Chinese pumps on
amazon.  Any recommendations on fuel pump used and location of install?
Thanks in advance,
Jim Henningsen
Ocala, FL
Still sleepless in ocala

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