[TR] For those getting the...

Brian Kemp bk13 at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 8 21:34:41 MDT 2019

I believe it is being shown on Friday 19 July on MAVTV (DirecTV Ch 214 
for me).  Season 23, Episode 26.

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> ... Motor Trend channel, the most recent episode of "My Classic Car" 
> is on a car show in upstate NY, and features a couple of minutes on a 1958
> TR10 in the show, which is reputed to be in virtually (slight 
> modification to the accelerator pedal) original condition.  The owner, 
> quite willing to show it off, nevertheless makes the rookie error of 
> saying it had a "Ferguson tractor engine"  (the engine in the 10 was a 
> 948cc derived from new designs in 1953, and as far as I know, was 
> never shared with Ferguson).
> Nevertheless, a wonderful example in full regalia, or what passed for 
> that in 1958. :)

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