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On 7/8/19 1:04 PM, Wbeech at flash.net wrote:
> TeriAnn,
> Just thinking the other day.  What would it cost a station, in terms 
> of cents per gallon, to hire a guy to pump fuel and clean windscreens? 
>  And, what would the public be willing to pay?
> Bill

I remember when the transition was taking place. There were stations 
that had one self pump island and an attendant pumped island at a higher 
cost. My observation is that mostly middle age and older women who 
likely didn't even know where you add fuel went to the attendant island 
and everyone else learned how to pump fuel in order to save 5 or 10 

Money in the pocket trumped service back then and I still think it will 


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> On 7/8/19 3:57 AM, David Friedlander wrote:
>> What's an "attendant"?
> The guy in Oregon who fills your fuel tank while you sit inside your 
> car, or while you are cleaning your windscreen.
> TeriAnn

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