[TR] For those getting the...

Michael Porter mdporter at dfn.com
Sun Jul 7 20:26:56 MDT 2019

... Motor Trend channel, the most recent episode of "My Classic Car" is 
on a car show in upstate NY, and features a couple of minutes on a 1958 
TR10 in the show, which is reputed to be in virtually (slight 
modification to the accelerator pedal) original condition.  The owner, 
quite willing to show it off, nevertheless makes the rookie error of 
saying it had a "Ferguson tractor engine"  (the engine in the 10 was a 
948cc derived from new designs in 1953, and as far as I know, was never 
shared with Ferguson).

Nevertheless, a wonderful example in full regalia, or what passed for 
that in 1958. :)



Michael Porter
Roswell, NM

Never let anyone drive you crazy when you know it's within walking distance....

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