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Fastest sell – craigslist or facebook

Widest reach is either ebay or bring a trailer

There is also ebay for uk, Germany, etc.  never really investigated those sites and someone can correct me if I’m wrong.  Might be an EU site???


My son and I buy and sell all sorts of cars, including British.  I’m going to launch into a little soapbox here; please ignore if it bothers you.


Lots of people think sellers are naïve.  I heard a real estate guy say “the best product at the best price.”  I think there is a lot of truth to that.  I believe there is a fair price for everything.  If you want to move it faster, price it lower.  But don’t assume there’s a sucker who will pay more.  You are wasting your time.


We always take pictures of the car by the lake, preferably in the evening when the light is softer.  Everything everything everything MUST be spotless and clean.  You have to be honest with the buyer – if there is rust, admit it.  Show it.  If the tires need replacing, do it!  And then advertise it.  New tires.  Show the buyer you care about what you are selling.  For example, if I buy new tires, they typically include a warranty.  I advertise and include that.  Give the buyer confidence.


Act like you are the buyer.  Inspect everything.  Fix or replace anything that needs to be fixed or replaced.   Tell the truth.  The buyer will find out anyway.  And don’t say “shipping is the buyer’s responsibility.”  Do some research, ask around, have some recommendations.  And don’t, for example, have a picture of a TR6 with a hardtop and say “hardtop not included.”  They will ask about it, assume it is included.  If its not included, don’t show it!


I just hate it when I see a car and it says “no rust.”  There’s rust right there in the picture.  Or “surface rust only” and there’s a rust hole or three.   People say “tire has lots of tread.”  But how old are they?  I have a car with 12 year old tires I’m in the process of restoring.  Those tires have maybe 1000 miles on them and they are DANGEROUS!!!  I like to be able to honestly say “drive it home.”  But if I don’t have confidence, I won’t say it.  But if they ask, I won’t lie.  I’ll be honest.  We sold an MGB that I had never driven more than a few miles from home.  They didn’t ask, but I would not have said “you can drive it home.”


And finally a bit of humor:  one ad said “you can’t drive this car home unless you are my next door neighbor.”



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Merry Christmas Happy Holidays to all….


Quick question…..8 years ago or so Ebay was the place to buy and sell British cars…….


Not sure that is the case now……


What is/are the best place(s) to buy and sell British cars today?



Alex Manzo


72 TR6





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