[TR] Front Crank Seal

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Dec 6 17:13:28 MST 2019

> It still squeals, it can only be the fan extension rubbing on 
> either the deflector or the seal.

Huh?  Both the seal and the deflector belong inside the cover, the fan
extension is way out on the front of the pulley, which in turn is on the
front of the hub.  The only chance for rubbing should be the hub or bolts on
the outside of the front cover; or the deflector (slinger) rubbing against
the inside of the cover or the seal.

I'm wondering if perhaps something got assembled wrong.  Of course you
remembered to generously lubricate the hub & seal, so it's not the seal
running dry.

ISTR there is a pin that the cover has to fit over as well.  If it's not on
the pin, the pin might hold it out far enough to rub on the hub.

If all else fails, a light coating of machinists dye on the suspect areas
and another quick test firing, should leave distinct witness marks if
anything is rubbing.  But usually, I'd expect the marks to be visible
without the dye.

-- Randall

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