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Paul Tegler ptegler at verizon.net
Sat Aug 31 10:51:31 MDT 2019

Granted it's not the 2.5L, (a GT6 2L) but I (and a couple others here as 
well) have F.I. triumph 6 cyls than run great!
Even with a trailer in tow,?? 31-35 mpg, is my norm ...with my normal 
heavy footed driving style. (hard not to have fun).
No,,,not Lucas PI (on mine) but power numbers are well above anything 
Triumph ever spec'ed.

ptegler (owner/builder of FIS6)

On 8/31/2019 11:51 AM, John Macartney wrote:
> If all you want is an injected TR performance, I???d do this. Buy a us 
> spec car.
> TR5 camshaft, still available in U.K. and a bit better too than the 
> original. Shave the head to at least 9.5:1, fit flat top pistons, a 
> Lucas D25 or 26 dizzy, the equivalent of the SAH 6-3-1 extractor 
> exhaust manifold, two 1.75 SU carbs and bingo, you???re there. Ideally, 
> if the donor car is a late model 6, email Chris Witor in the U.K. for 
> a 215019 head. These didn???t go to the US but we???re the best heads of 
> the lot. Chris will confirm this and he???s a Triumph performance 
> specialist. Goes without saying you???ll need anoverdrive. J type is ok 
> but A type better imho. You???ll then have a car that is the injected 
> versions performance equal in every way. These things are what we do 
> in the U.K. to all 250s and carbed 6s that find their way back here. 
> Good luck
> Jonmac
> Whenever I feel the need for exercise, experience has shown me it is 
> better to lie down until the feeling goes away. WINSTON CHURCHILL
> On 30 Aug 2019, at 15:43, Andrew Uprichard <auprichard at uprichard.net 
> <mailto:auprichard at uprichard.net>> wrote:
>> Thanks, Jonmac:?? I don???t have the car yet ??? and in fact am still 
>> going back-and-forth about whether to buy it. I???ll keep you posted !
>> Andrew
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>> Can I help? Did the Lucas Service course, thefactory service course 
>> and owned a saloon with the pi engine to full U.K. police performance 
>> spec. Doubt you???ll find too many in the US with experience of the 
>> system. PI cars were never sold in North America in the day, though a 
>> very small number have snuck in since then. A word of advice. If 
>> you???re tempted to fiddle with the PI system, put everything you???ve 
>> learned about carbed cars entirely to one side. The Lucas system is a 
>> whole different ball game with very unique rules. That said, it???s a 
>> great setup but you need to know what you???re doing before you start:)
>> Jonmac
>> Whenever I feel the need for exercise, experience has shown me it is 
>> better to lie down until the feeling goes away. WINSTON CHURCHILL
>> On 29 Aug 2019, at 22:20, Andrew Uprichard via 6pack 
>> <6pack at autox.team.net <mailto:6pack at autox.team.net>> wrote:
>>     Who is the go-to guy in the US for questions on the Lucas PI system?
>>     Andrew Uprichard
>>     Jackson, Michigan
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Paul Tegler
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