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I agree with Randall's approach.  The goal is to avoid "overheating", not to keep the temp "normal". 

So it does a OK to let it run as high as possible subject to the limit that it  never runs into the "red" zone.   And then it should run only long enough to bring the temp down a bit.  

As Randall said, the fan will suck lots of power and it is good to minimize its appetite.  

My daily driver has an electric coolant pump.  Not something that I am particularly thrilled about since it can and does fail....  but the controller appears to be "smart".  I noticed that when I step hard on the throttle, the coolant temperature goes DOWN briefly.  The controller seems to anticipate extra thermal load and increases the flow rate.   I certainly hope the thermostat isn't "smart" too but I suppose that with a sufficiently smart pump then a thermostat isn't even necessary!!!!!   I don't know for sure if that engine HAS a thermostat.  


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> Different ways to look at it. One of my goals was to have the fan run as little as possible, to try and get by with the stock 19 amp generator. My thought was that I didn't want the fan to run, if airflow through the radiator was already sufficient to keep it cool; even if the water coming out of the engine was "hot".
> Dunno if that really makes sense, but I've been pleased with the result. Stopped at a traffic light or similar, the gauge slowly rises until the needle points to just about the '5' in "185". Then the fan comes on, and it drops back to about the '8' (which is just barely above where it sits going down the road).
> Only other time the fan runs is sometimes when getting off the freeway, it will run for a few seconds until I get back up to 30-40 mph.
> -- Randall

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