[TR] Gas in fuel tank float

Brian Kemp bk13 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 29 21:12:34 MDT 2019

Paul, Randall - I've been looking.  I found pictures of the Omix-ADA 
Fuel Level Float Part # 17729.01 for Jeeps.  It may work, but I can't 
seem to find any stores in the region that stock it.  May just need to 
order one to try it.  I saw the brass one for the Mustang (FM-EF005B or 
C0AZ-9202B), but also saw a comment that the groove was too big for use 
on a Spitfire.  Looks like Ford uses a thicker wire.  May try and take 
the sender to a Ford dealer parts department and see if they have it and 
it fits.

I've checked TRF, Moss, and Spitbits and can't find the float.  I also 
looked at my GT6 parts catalog and don't see a part number for the float.


On 8/29/2019 6:58 PM, Paul Tegler wrote:
> you can still buy those floats new.... several cars.. spit/MG/Jags.... 
> actually I believe it's JAG that supplies a brass version....or is 
> that the Mustang??
> ptegler
> On 8/29/2019 8:59 PM, Randall wrote:
>> If you immerse it in a pan of hot water, the leak should show as a 
>> stream of bubbles. Continuing to gently heat it should eventually 
>> drive off the liquid fuel. Let it cool (and suck air) before trying 
>> to seal the leak.
>> I don't have my notes handy, but ISTR someone saying there is a Ford 
>> part that will work. Older car, might possibly have been a Mustang II 
>> (but probably not).
>> -- Randall
>> On 29 August 2019 17:44:59 GMT-05:00, Brian Kemp <bk13 at earthlink.net> 
>> wrote:
>>     Is there a way to get gas out of a fuel tank float??? Picture should be
>>     attached.?? I can't see any cracks.?? I tried to squeeze for float, but it
>>     is firm.?? Car is a 1973 GT6 Mk III.
>>     Took a look because the car will run out of gas while the gauge still
>>     shows 1/4 tank.?? I would have expected the fuel gauge to behave the
>>     opposite with gas in the float, so maybe I have several things going on.
>>     Thanks,
>>     Brian
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