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When I go to All British Field Meets, with the exception of the Land 
Rover group, all I see are senior citizens with their British sports 
cars. I don't see younger generations filling in the ranks. For years 
now, prices have been falling on American 60s & 70s classics. I talked 
to a big Healey guy last weekend who said prices for them have been soft.

The classic Land Rover group has lots of enthusiasts in their 20s & 30s 
because they also get used for off road driving/camping/fishing/hunting 
and just about anything else. Whereas most British sports cars that are 
remotely competitive in field meets go to field meets, club runs, and 
not much else. Most people (not including me) have newer fuel injected 
climate controlled, airbag cars for everyday use while their British 
sports car sits in the garage waiting for a special reason to be driven. 
For most people, they are no longer everyday driver cars.

1960 TR3A
1960 Land Rover
no other cars

On 8/26/19 5:59 PM, Greg Lemon wrote:
> If you look at prices for things like model As and even MG T series, 
> prices have been stagnant the last 20-30 years or so, Big Healey's 
> have leveled off the last 5 or ten years, it happens.
> When I look at most any pre-war car I find it interesting, but not 
> anything I would ever really want to own, I imagine a lot of younger 
> folks, even car people, feel the same way about "our" cars.  In fact 
> I frequent some car forums with a much younger demographic than here, 
> pretty much anything built when carburators were the norm is 
> considered unsafe, finicky, and slow by a pretty large portion of that 
> group.
> Nothing will make you feel old quite like somebody suggesting that 
> re-mapping a fuel injection system Isa piece of cake, while carbs are 
> a deep, dark mystery.
> Greg Lemon
> TR250

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