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There is a very good British car club in Easley, SC called the Foothills
British Car Club.  


My parents are members and I've had opportunity to go to a couple of events
there and been able to reciprocate when their members visited Las Vegas here
at the British Auto Club of Las Vegas

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Have you tried contacting the Georgia Triumph Association?  They claim
Cummings, GA, as their home base.  They just hosted the 2019 Triumph
Register of America national meet in Dillard earlier this summer.  Contact
them at gatriumph.org and tell Earl Ferguson that I sent you his way!


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We are trying to form a triumph club in N. GA. I am wondering if you could
provide me a contact list of Triumph owners in the N. GA area.  I live near
Blueridge GA.
Thanks much!
Tom Butler 

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