[TR] TR2/3/4 Water Pumps

Brian Thomas thomasb at queensu.ca
Thu Aug 15 08:48:47 MDT 2019

Currently doing a frame up on our early TR2, I decided to replace the water pump which although working and not leaking wasn’t as smooth turning as it should be.   The original pump (with grease fitting) had been replaced prior to my ownership with a Quinten-Hazel (QH) version  which appears to be dated 1978.  I believe the pulley present is original or at least original style.

My problem is the Lucas-boxed 4 vane pump I ordered as a replacement has sizing issues.

The mounting flange is 1/16” thicker than the QH pump.  The consequence of this is the nuts do not tighten fully over the studs leaving I suspect about a 1/16” depression.  The second problem is with the nyloc nut that holds the pulley on.  This nut is about twice the diameter of the originals and so thick it doesn’t come close to engaging the nyloc feature.  The washer supplied is also very thick and replacement with a thinner version might help but not enough.

Anyone else experienced this?  Solutions?

Comments appreciated.


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