[TR] Whitworth Wrenches on a TR3?

DAVE HOGYE dlhogye at comcast.net
Mon Aug 12 23:30:16 MDT 2019

If I recall correctly, my steering shafts had center punch marks near the coupler to index where the shafts were originally located and the punch marks line up with the splits in the coupler. This may have be done some time later on.  
There was also a blue painted dot on the lower shaft where it seemed that from the factory, once the steering box was built and before oil was added to the box, a paint mark was placed on the shaft where the oil fill hole is located to indicate straight forward.  
I'm pretty sure that the steering wheel can be realigned by removing one of the bolts on the coupler and pulling on the wheel will disconnect the shaft and coupler, then the shaft can be rotated and reset to another spline in the shaft to straighten the wheel without disconnecting anything else. The crush sleeve will have to be loosened on the end of the horn and turn signal wire tube at the bottom of the steering box to allow the tube and wires to be pulled with the wheel and upper shaft.  You should only have to pull it about an inch to clear the coupler splines and rotate it to another location. 
Spreading the coupler split with a screw driver may help loosen the grip between the shaft and coupler. 
Of course, if you have an early TR with the one piece steering column, then you'd have to pull the steering wheel off for realignment. 
Dave H.

> On August 12, 2019 at 3:52 PM Jim Henningsen <trguy75 at gmail.com> wrote:
> First, being relatively new to the TR3 line, I am noticing some of the bolts
> don't match up to my SAE wrenches.  I have had to use metric on occasion.
> Haven't had this issue on the 4, 6 or 8.  Are these Whitworth sized bolts
> and nuts which would mean I should invest in a set of those wrenches?  I
> always like a new tool but want to check first.
> Secondly, what steps do I need to do to get the steering wheel lined up to
> be straight.  The car tracks nicely down the road in a straight line but the
> steering wheel is at the 11 and 5pm clock positions left and right hands
> respectively.  The shop manual says take off the front apron etc.  Ouch.
> It's a 60 TR3A, is there an easier way to disconnect wheel like a TR6 to
> align correctly.  
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