[TR] Jim Clark tribute in The Grand Tour episode

Lee Daniels lee at automate-it.com
Fri Aug 9 22:31:47 MDT 2019

I had just about written off The Grand Tour, as the humor had become clunky
and the real car talk had become thin. Then I watched episode 5 of season 3
tonight. A couple of decent tests/reviews, and yes some juvenile humor, such
as Jeremy ice-racing a Lambo Urus vs. Abbie Eaton in a Porsche, on a
penis-shaped track.

But then --- the tour-de-force --- a 20-minute historical tribute to Jim
Clark, with plenty of photos and footage. Oh, my. They include interviews with
a couple of his colleagues, who tear up a little - as did I.

And Richard Hammond gets to drive the very Lotus 25 that Clark himself drove!

If you have Amazon Prime, watch this one. It's episode 5 of Season 3, titled
"An Itchy Urus" (of course). If you don't have an hour, jump to 00:36:00 and
watch the last 22 minutes, you'll be glad you did.


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