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 I remember helping my friend carry a Healey block.  It took two of us using a pipe passed through one of the cylinders.
So, 140 lbs for the block, 100 lbs for the crank and head comes to 240 lbs.  Add in the flywheel, pistons, rods and sleeves and a fully dressed TR2,3,4 engine adds up to about 350 lbs or less.
I weighed some TR6 parts and the block is 120 lbs, the crank is 60 lbs and flywheel is 30 lbs.  Same ball park.  The Healey block, by itself, must weigh in at 200 lbs.

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A TR2-3-4 engine block with the crank caps and bolts, weighs very close to 140 lbs.  That is just the casting, no internals.  I did the study for shipping one a few years ago.  I ended up meeting a good racer friend at Portland Raceway to pick up the block instead of shipping it.  I lifted the block out of his van and placed it in my car by myself.  The crank and head are the other heaviest items at around 50 lbs. each.Dave H.
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I seem to remember years back a couple gentleman cutting up a Healey 6 cyl block to make casts for an aluminum block build for a race car. IIRC... the oem was something in the order of 700 lbs. The aluminum one came in around half (or less) of that.�� So in my view, ANY engine is fine on these stands if it can handle a 700 lbs healey block sticking so far our 4's and 6's are just fine!...think mine came from Pep Boys on sale... (two wheel up front version)

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I purchased an engine stand from Harbor Freight, mounted our Ford van's V6 engine on it and used that setup to disassemble, rebuild and reassemble the entire engine. No issues. Even though the V6 has a cast steel block with aluminum heads and aluminum intake manifold, it is still a lot of weight and I had zero issues with the engine stand. Very stable and easy to roll around. Now planning to use the same stand to rebuild the TR3's engine.�
 Sincerely,Randall Reihing �

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