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Don't let these guys make you feel bad about asking the question,
freaks me out too. If you look at the factory manual for a Healey big
six they pull it out with a special tool on the valve cover studs,
which are not very substantial. 
I have decided intellectually the 5/16" bolts are not something I need
to worry about, but it still looks like a lot of weight held on by
some little sticks to me.
However, a big six will tilt a small three point engine stand pretty
easily if a wheel catches on some kitty litter when you try to push
Greg LemonTR250

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 I’m about to rebuild my TR 4 engine. I’ve done it three times in
the past so there’s not much I’m worried about. The one thing that
freaks me out is suspending the engine on the engine stand by four
5/16 inch bolts. Every time I see it sitting there I freak out that
the bolts are going to snap and the engine is going to come crashing
 Two things I’ve done to relieve my paranoia is add a cross beam on
the front so it has four wheels not the original three and keep a two
by four between the front of the engine and the leg to carry the
weight of the suspended engine.
 Two questions, am I being paranoid and should I use grade 5 or grade
8 bolts to fasten the engine to the stand?

 Thanks for any advise.

 Bob Nogueira 
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