[TR] A Sobering Story

Reihing, Randall S. Randall.Reihing at utoledo.edu
Tue Oct 23 17:09:09 MDT 2018

Hello All,

Having read every one of the recent posts regarding a misrepresented TR3 frame, beginning with Andrew's original post, I personally would like to thank Andrew for coming forward and sharing what, in reality, was a violation of the fundamental eBay concept of eBay promoted trust between seller and buyer, the very foundation eBay is built on.

The resultant discussion and sharing of similar experiences by so many has allowed all of us to learn from Andrew's misfortune and I personally am grateful for Andrew's openness in relating what happened and how we can all protect ourselves from a similar outcome.

So, thank you Andrew from one who has learned more about how to discern potentially suspicious offers and how to not render payment before the item has had it's accessibility, quality by physical inspection, actual transfer of legal ownership and taking physical possession of, all verified prior to payment completion.

Randall Reihing
1959 TR3A
1960 TR3A

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