[TR] ZS 175 piston issue

davgil at aol.com davgil at aol.com
Tue Oct 23 14:59:36 MDT 2018

I continue to work on the pistons on my 1976 TR6 ZS carbs.  One remains locked down and will not adjust.  I have it soaking in PB Blaster, and hopefully when I get back to where I keep the TR6, it will release.  Still, I need to replace the o-rings.  I have new o-rings, grub screw and needle holder along with two new retaining clips if needed.  My issue is that the DPO evidently rounded out the slot on the grub screw so that even if it releases, there is very little slot for a screwdriver to catch.  My plan is to slowly drill it with a left handed drill to see if it will back out, if it will not screw out.  Does anyone have a better suggestion?  I don't know how far into the screw the plunger goes so I don't know how much there is for the drill to catch, so any been there and done that suggestions would be welcome. 

David Gill
1976 TR6

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