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Andrew why are you holding back on the persons name and eBay handle? Many have asked and you are being evasive about it.

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> And for the many people who asked – stay away from rusty, bent cars being sold from the northern suburbs of Cleveland, OH.
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> Thank you so much for the feedback, both individualized and shared with the list.  Several of you have had similar bad experiences, some shared the fact that it is really, really hard to forgive someone you are mad with, and some spelled out in great detail how I could approach the situation from a legal standpoint.  Thank you all.
> I have learned a lot:
> 1.     Don’t be so trustworthy
> 2.     eBay has its flaws
> 3.     Get someone locally to go look at a car before bidding or paying
> 4.     This list has a lot of really great people
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