[TR] ebay - a sobering story

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Sun Oct 21 15:37:10 MDT 2018

I've bought and sold alot on ebay; not vehicles, however.

But a couple words of caution.  If a seller is reluctant to take more pictures of an item, they are hiding something.  Similarly, if the written description is lacking and it says condition is as shown in the photos, they are hiding something.  Both are red flags and steer clear.

Also check feedback ratings and read any negative or less than positive feedback.  If feedback rating isnt in the high 90s, or if they have a very limited number of transactions, steer clear as well.

Unfortunately, ebay does not allow you to email or give a phone number to have direct contact; people cheat them out of their fees if they do.

That being said, report it to ebay and you should be able to geta full refund.  Im surprised that on vehicles it is only going back 10 years.  Id approach ebay again and say it was a parts car or parts and the condition was grossly misrepresented.

If nothing else, leave clear negative feedback, and if you still dont get your money back, take him to small claims court.

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