[TR] eBay - a sobering story

Jim Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 17:45:59 MDT 2018

So sorry to hear.  Yes, please share names and eBay userid.   I bought a supposedly 35k orig mile toyota 80 celica from worldwide vintage auto in Denver Colorado.  Please be very aware when dealing with these folks.  They sell on eBay.  The car had 132k miles and was  n an accident that a child could tell. Didn’t look like that in the pictures.  They ended up taking the car back less 20% restocking fee.  I couldn’t get them to get rid of that.  They actually left paperwork in the car from previous owner so I called him.  He verified the mileage and accident.   The guy at the dealership stated it was an original low mileage car.  The have some nice cars on their website but I would go see it person before buying again.  So many today are buying site unseen and people are taking advantage.  The saving grace is that this is the age of social media and the internet.  Word of mouth very important.   That’s why I like Bring a Trailer so much.  
Hang in there and try to let this be the only one where they took advantage of you.  You aren’t alone my friend.
Jim Henningsen

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>> You're doing the right thing, Andrew.  Except publicize his name and where he is.  E-Bay may control official feedback, but word-of-mouth has ever been a civilian's defensive tool.
> Word-of-mouth is what eBay's Feedback system used to be, before they became whatever it is that they are now. 
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