[TR] 61 TR3A SU H6 Carb Issues

Paul Tegler ptegler at verizon.net
Mon Oct 15 21:23:23 MDT 2018

ok....what do you mean by 'carbs aren't running smoothly'  ?

Engine is not smooth?.. sputtering?  not running smooth while cruising?

An old adage.... (well two actually)
"..most carb problems are electrical..."  and "..most ignition problems 
are the carbs"

Seriously though.... what method didyou use to balance the air flow at 
idle? One of those little flow meters?
NOPE NADA STOP right there.   Think about it...you're sealing off the 
air to get the bubble to rise so of course the idle changes....so the 
balance tube in the manifold sucks from the other carb, bypassing the 
fuel pull.

I was finally convinced by an old mechanic and have learned from tuning 
more SU and ZS carbs than I care to mention.... use a 1/4" fuel line as 
a stethoscope ...one end in your ear..the other just up against the edge 
(not in) the carb throat. blocks minimal air... and believe me you can 
hear as little 1-2 cfm readily, but you can also hear the gurgle of the 
fuel flow!   Years ago I actually gave away my flow gauges.

Eons ago..I got so fed up once I bought brand new NOS SU carbs to 
replace mine after three rebuilds of the orig units. BUT...STILL had the 
same issue...smooth speed cruising and it ran like crap. Pull the choke 
out and it ran fine, but had to push it in at closed or low speed 
throttle. Spent a year+ and hundreds of messages on various LBC 
lists....still to no avail.  Than one day at a car show.... I saw a guy 
with an identical setup.... open big round K&Ns and a end plate but had 
his air filters nearly 3/4 closed off with duct tape.  In the end, the 
problem was incorrect vacuum effects ...not enough air velocity when the 
piston was mid/down as there was no restriction from the air filters.

hhmmm.... ok...


ptegler <http://www.teglerizer.com/mgstuff/a_stumble_at_cruise.htm>

On 10/15/2018 7:40 PM, Jim Henningsen wrote:
> Ok, I thought I had this rebuild all nailed down.  Finally got around to
> getting carbs balanced and set for correct mixture.  After new kits, testing
> piston drop timing per John Twist you tube clip (great clip), and spending
> two hours fine tuning air flow and mixture.  The carbs aren't running
> smoothly.  There is something not right and I am throwing in the towel.
> Don't have a reliable mechanic that I trust for this in Ocala.  Any
> recommendations on a rebuilder to send these two to have them checked
> professionally.
> Joe Curto?
> Jeff Payla at Paltech - cant seem to get a response from him.
> Buy new (ouch)
> Others?
> Thanks in advance
> Jim Henningsen
> Ocala FL
> 61 TR3A  eager to enjoy driving it in fall in Florida
> 62 TR4 eager to have restoration finished
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