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Can't you just cut the ends on the leads and fit them into the side entry



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Thanks Randall,


Yes they sent me LU422318 according to the packaging.   It appears from
britishvacuumunit.com that that part along with LU54413549 (moss 153-640)
might work, although it's not clear from any of the photos if that terminal
connector is meant to fit *over* the fork of LU421078 or *instead* of the


To further complicate things the internal contacts on my "up style"
distributor cap are pretty crappy and I have a brand new sideways style unit
I picked up somewhere, but that means new leads.  sigh....




On 10/15/18, Randall <tr3driver at ca.rr.com <mailto:tr3driver at ca.rr.com> >

40480D is an earlier model DM2P4 distributor.  The information I have handy
says 40480F (which is functionally the same and still DM2P4, the letter is
just a revision level) was used as late as 1959 TR3, some of which were sold
in 1960.

That same database says cars built in 1960 got 40698A/B, which is still a

The Moss catalog is certainly misleading, as they show a drawing of the
plate for a DM2P4, but the listing says it is for a 25D4.  They have no
listing for the earlier part (which I assume means it is not available).  I
believe the equivalent part number at TRF would be LU421078, which they have
listed as NLA.  You might check with Revington, he seems to source a lot of
parts the others can't find.

Faced with that same dilemma some years ago, I fabricated a mount for the
low tension lead that worked quite well.  Just a stack of pieces of bare
fiberglass printed circuit board (from the scrap bin, no copper plating),
carved with a Dremel to fit snug but not too tight in the slot in the
distributor cap.  A small bolt through the center linked the two wires.
IIRC I used 3 pieces of PC board, one smaller to fit inside the notch and
two slightly larger to fit on either side of the notch.  A little extra work
to install the cap, as I had to hold the side wire to position the new piece
in the slot, as I lowered the cap into place, but not too bad.

Later, I switched to a (used) 25D4 distributor.

-- Randall  

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>  Hi  
> The backing plate on my TR3's distributor has a lot of play 
> in it so timing is problematic.  I ordered a new one from 
> Moss however that part (551-055) doesn't have the same tall 
> attachment for the low tension lead leading outside the cap 
> (see old unit on the left): 
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzxo5gpd3tnuaei/IMG_20181014_1038057
> 63.jpg?dl=0
> The distributor is stamped 40480D (see below) which doesn't 
> seem to be within the range of their 25D model matching (if I 
> go down the electronic replacement match-up rabbit hole). 
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1ghm1wradmp3xw/IMG_20181014_1047562
> 91.jpg?dl=0
> Do I have a non-standard distributor?  Any idea the right 
> part # for my backing plate?   Or should I just bite the 
> bullet and go electronic?
> Thanks,
> Art 
> 1960 TR3A  TS64989LO 


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