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 On closer inspection it looks like this post is part of the breaker assembly and not part of the plate itself, which makes sense since it is the attach point for the spring and needs to move with the breaker assembly when the point gap is adjusted.


Dave Massey



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The backing plate on my TR3's distributor has a lot of play in it so timing is problematic.  I ordered a new one from Moss however that part (551-055) doesn't have the same tallattachment for the low tension lead leading outside the cap (see old unit on the left): https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzxo5gpd3tnuaei/IMG_20181014_103805763.jpg?dl=0

The distributor is stamped 40480D (see below) which doesn't seem to be within the range of their 25D model matching (if I go down the electronic replacement match-up rabbit hole). 

Do I have a non-standard distributor?  Any idea the right part # for my backing plate?   Or should I just bite the bullet and go electronic?


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