[TR] TR4A trailing arms

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Thu Oct 4 08:56:47 MDT 2018

The TR6 trailing arms are not interchangeable.  The runner bump stop is part of the arm on the TR6 and is part of the FRAME on the 4A.  I believe that is the only difference, but it makes it non-interchangeable.  


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> Will TR-6 trailing arms work?  I have a set.
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> I am looking to buy a pair of trailing arms for a TR4A.  My studs are in bad
> shape and I am looking for replacement arms with decent studs.  I will
> likely fit the Goodparts axles with 3/8" studs so the studs themselves
> currently in the replacement arms are not critical.  The aluminum of the
> trailing arms does need to be in good shape.  
> Does anyone know of some trailing arms that I can buy!
> -Tony
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