[TR] Will a 'out-of-spot' tappet necessarily be higher, like this?

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Mon Oct 1 11:06:04 MDT 2018

What's special about brass or bronze?  I know their softer, but, seems like
the coat hanger would be sufficient to hold it down.

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 1:01 PM Paul Dorsey <dorpaul1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I wonder if a magnet at the end of one of those wands would reposition
> it?  Is there any danger that something will topple or get misaligned?
> On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 12:24 PM Rye Livingston <ryel at mac.com> wrote:
>> You don't want to force anything, meaning don't try to tap it down into
>> place.
>> As Bill said, the easiest is to pull the head.  Keep in mind if you do
>> that you need to use a new head gasket when re-installing the head and go
>> through proper torque procedures, all of which is easy to do, just make
>> sure you do it.
>> As I was in your situation once, I'd take more time, and maybe a lot more
>> time, and take a flashlight and peak down the holes that have the tappets
>> in place so you know what it looks like, and then look down the one you're
>> dealing with, and with a long screwdriver try to coax that tappet back into
>> position.  If it's got plenty of oil on it, once it's aligned it should
>> sink down in place with little to no pushing from you.
>> Also, as someone else said, check to see if you have a local Triumph
>> Club.  If you do, join it, and I'm sure there would be some members who
>> would love to come over and help you out.  It's what we do!  :-)
>> Good luck,
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>> On Sep 29, 2018, at 12:50 PM, Paul Dorsey <dorpaul1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I received my new pushrod from Moss last night and was impressed, it
>> looks the same length as stock, but was slightly heavier by weight.  Others
>> had forewarned that it might be chinese, and it could still be, although I
>> don't know what would ever tell me if that were an issue.
>> Right now, my emphasis is on getting the thing running. something it
>> hasn't done in years. I remember saying that I had seen one pushrod in
>> particular had non-concentric circles appearing down the pushrod tubes  and
>> I surmised that this must be what everyone informed me must be an out of
>> spot tappet that I had been warned about. Trouble is: I forgot to write
>> down which one of the eight pushrod tubes that I had seen it in.
>> I also might have worked that tappet over and in-line with the tube such
>> that it now has the proper concentric circles.  On thing I do know for
>> sure, is that one particular tappet causes it's pushrod to set a couple of
>> inches higher ( as shown in the pic).  How do I get that tappet down? I
>> slightly hit it's pushrod with my palm, but it would not drop down.  I do
>> have an extra pushrod if others think I ought to tap it down using a
>> pushrod,  Heck, I proably could use the old bent pushrod which I have now
>> replaced, to tap it in place.  I just don't want to attempt this unless
>> others give me a green light.
>> Thanks, Paul Dorsey  aka RUSTY ACRES
>> Paul Dorsey <dorpaul1 at gmail.com>
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>> to me
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