[TR] TR4 wiring question

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 The code for Brown is "N."  The GB wire from the stabilizer is Green/Black.  The only Green/Brown wires are for the reverse lamps and the wire from the Turn Signal Flasher to the Turn Signal Switch.  All this is according to the referenced diagram.  Interesting that the wire from the stabilizer on the TR6 was changed to Light Green.


Dave Massey



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The G/Brown could be the line from the stabilizer to the temp/fuel gauge.  Solid green carries power to the stabilizer, heater fan switch, reverse lights, flasher, brake lights and wiper motor.  The only one of those devices that is behind the center of the dash is the heater fan switch.  If that’s it, I’m puzzled by the 3 tied together at that terminal.
Good wiring diagrams are here:   http://tr4a.weebly.com/uploads/2/1/9/8/21980360/tr2-4a_wiring_diagrams.pdf
I’ll take at look at my 4A tonight unless I see that someone has solved the riddle.
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Don’t think so.  I see those wires in the passenger footwell area.  The ones I am talking about come off the loom right next to the main center cluster.  A live feed to the heater makes sense.  And I guess the green/brown could have been a reverse light for later cars.
By the way, thank you to everyone who replied.  Glad to see the list is alive and well !!


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Voltage stabilizer, mounted on the passenger footwell.
3 greens to the B post, G/Brown to the I post.  Make sure the unit is grounded to the body, the diagram shows a black wire at the E post to the ground.
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I am putting an early TR4 together and am in the process of wiring the car.  Just above the hoses coming into the heater and adjacent to the main center cluster, there are 4 wires coming off the harness:  three greens spliced together and a green/brown.
Green/brown can be kinda ubiquitous, so I am not sure what it is for.  A back-up light maybe?
If anyone knows what these wires are for, can they let me know?  Thanks!

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, Michigan

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