[TR] Oil Pressure Switch Wiring

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Doing an electric fuel pump?

My understanding of these switches with those letter labels is that I is ignition, S is starter, and P is power output (to a relay).  http://www.how-to-build-hotrods.com/electric-fuel-pump.html

In terms of the switch function, for an oil pressure switch where ‘normal’ is 0psi I = Normally open, S = Normally closed, and P is common.  E.g., http://documents.holley.com/199r9680-1rev.pdf.  This allows the starter circuit to power the fuel pump before oil pressure builds and closes the oil pressure switch, when power to the pump switches to the ignition circuit.

Can’t help with wire colors for your harness.


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I am trying to figure out the wiring diagram for an oil pressure switch.  There are three electrical connection labeled:  P, S, and I.

I have two wiring diagrams that conflict and I have some hand written notes that conflict with Dan Masters book.  This is what I have on the car:  P--Black, S--White/Brown and I--White/Purple.

Anybody have the correct way to wire the switch??

Harry M
74 TR6
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